The ART PRIZE GERMANY is awarded annually and awarded by an independent expert jury to academically trained artists. In addition, the award winners are supported by exhibitions of their works and press work.

With works in the three art disciplines of painting, sculpture/object, photography/digital art, German and foreign artists have the opportunity to submit one to five works via the website

No topic specified: It can be interesting for the art prize jury and the public if different art prize themes are given each year and artistic solutions are presented by the applicants. However, interesting topics often change quickly, so that it seems sensible not to do so, also in view of the art prize slogan “art powers future”. This slogan calls on artists to deal with topics that affect our future.

The winners are determined by an independent expert jury. There are generally no application restrictions (age and origin) for academically trained artists. Up-and-coming artists up to the age of 35 are supported by the art prize organizer for the start of their careers by eliminating the processing fee for two submitted works. The ART PRIZE GERMANY is a competition platform for both young and established artists.

Greeting for the presentation of

Every person, every city, every country and every continent has its story. And to a large extent, these stories shape the image we create of ourselves and of those around us. Our cultural heritage makes us who we are. It determines our worldview and our worldview determines our actions.

All cultures are in constant change. Basically, all civilizations and cultures are amazing hybrids. Historically speaking, they developed through exchange and synthesis, through the encounter of different peoples, religions and philosophies. The different cultures of this world have never been pure, self-contained units that developed out of themselves.

“Probably nothing in the world has to endure more nonsensical remarks than a painting in a gallery,” said Edmond de Goncourt. So what can one say publicly about art? “Have the courage to use your own reason,” Kant said. I would add: Stand by your feeling, even if it doesn’t agree with that of the general public.

When we feel joy and creative excitement, we will always find a way to express ourselves. In order to sing, one must first have a song in one’s heart. If you then really want to write a poem, you write it, in whatever form. But then what is art? “Becoming human is an art”, the poet Novalis reminds us!

Dr. Prince Asfa-Wossen Asserate