Art sponsorship: an opportunity for companies

The connection between commercial enterprises and the art industry can look back on a long tradition. It is not a new realization that art promotion can be of use and generate added value. Especially in times of strong social, economic and cultural change, new ways, ways of thinking and effective communication options are required. Companies can benefit from looking for and maintain the exchange with artists. Sponsor of the Kunst Prize Germany 2023/24

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Added value of art in external corporate communications

Art sponsoring in Germany has become a solid communication tool. The most widely used form of sponsorship of the visual arts is the promotion of exhibitions. Meanwhile, about 75% of major German companies invest in art sponsorship! Their motives: Image / Goodwill goals, social responsibility, differentiated target group approach, increasing the level of awareness, customer care, employee motivation. Even with small and medium-sized companies, there is an increasing acceptance of sponsoring
measures in the arts. Investing in art is not just an investment in the art sector, but also an investment in the company itself. The tax benefits of art sponsorship are effective as a return on investment.

From a macroeconomic point of view, art is a factor that stimulates the economy. The funds raised are expressly to be regarded as investments, not as subsidies. This scenario brings location advantages and marketing effects for companies. The cultural attractiveness of a site and its surroundings has become an important criterion for economic prosperity. As the functional and qualitative characteristics of companies’ products and services become more and more similar, so-called soft factors play an increasingly important role in the corporate image. Willingness to change and creativity are considered core requirements.

How can art positively influence the success of a company?

Art sponsorship offers companies the opportunity to integrate art as a communication tool in the communication mix of a company. Art sponsoring means the provision of financial or material resources or services by companies to support persons or institutions of the art sector (artists / art associations) with its fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, architecture, design (visual arts) for corporate purposes to realize. Art sponsorship is usually a contracted mutual business between sponsor and sponsor. When it comes to art sponsorship, the focus is on individual target group communication in comparison to sports sponsoring, since the target group for the art events is often personally invited. The target group analysis is therefore an essential prerequisite for the strategic planning of the engagement.

Art sponsorship as an “instrument”

With the means of art sponsorship, a company, product or brand can be better positioned in a positively occupied “world of experience” and its image can be influenced. The art-savvy audience is very receptive to art events, not only for the content of the event, but also for sponsor communication.

Art sponsoring offers companies the opportunity to get in touch with customers, politicians, journalists and opinion leaders at art events. On the occasion of vernissages, special target groups can be invited and addressed outside the business environment in a non-commercial situation.

Example of art sponsorship: Award of an art prize The promotion of art prizes can be implemented in various ways. One possibility is the foundation of an art prize by one or more companies.