Independent expert jury

The work of the jury is an important “quality adjustment screw” when organizing an art prize. Expert juries are convened to filter out those worthy of support. From the large number of submitted works, independent persons with expertise nominate those that they consider to be artistically adequate. The judging takes place in two steps: Nomination of the best works from the jury’s point of view after prior joint viewing on a large screen – and at the final jury meeting, selection of the prize-winning works after prior viewing of the nominated originals.

The fact that parameters foreign to art are increasingly creeping into the assessment of artistic works may even be necessary in view of the increasingly political content in art. Even if aesthetics is not always the most important artistic message, aesthetic judgment should not take a back seat.

The winners of this art prize in the disciplines of painting, sculpture/object and photography/digital-art are determined by a five-person jury of experts. The works submitted will be anonymized so that any preferential treatment is excluded. The requirement for the expert jury to evaluate politically correct is not given, since the ART PRIZE GERMANY is not financed with public funds. This procedure requires that subsidies from the “public sector” are dispensed with to cover costs.

In addition to the nominations and art prize winners determined by the expert jury, an “audience prize” will be awarded, which will be chosen by the visitors to the art prize exhibition (with the nominated works).

The following people belonged to the independent expert jury for the ART PRIZE GERMANY 2022: Delia Rauls (Director of art school, Braunschweig), Martin Jasper (Culture editor, Essen), Siva Fröhlich (Artist, Hamburg), Thorsten Heinze (Gallery owner, Berlin), Olaf Jaeschke (Gallery owner, Braunschweig).

The names of the jury members for the ART PRIZE GERMANY 2023/24 will be announced after the final jury meeting.