Over 500 submitted works!

Almost 250 artists from 39 nations with over 500 paintings, sculptures, photographs and digital artworks have applied for the KUNSTPREIS DEUTSCHLAND 2021 via photo upload. Over 100 young artists up to the age of 35 took part. They were financially supported by the organizer in that the processing fee was waived for two submitted works. State funding was not used.

The motto of this art award is “art powers future”. Although the applying artists were not given a specific topic, the independent expert jury will take into account the implementation of the above-mentioned art prize motto in the evaluation. Innovative, future-oriented art should also have a chance to be awarded from the point of view of the art award organizer.

The art prize jury consists of the following people: Frauke Engel (art historian, Hannover), Siva Fröhlich (artist, Hamburg), Thorsten Heinze (gallery owner, Berlin), Prof. Dr. Bernd Lindner (including cultural historian and artist, Leipzig) and Dr. Holger Grimm (art historian, Hannover). Prof. Timm Ulrichs (Berlin) acts as advisor to the Art Prize Germany 2021.

The final jury meeting will take place until September 15th. The KUNSTPREIS DEUTSCHLAND 2021 will be awarded on October 31st in the Galerie Depelmann, at the finissage on November 28th the audience award.


Greetings from
Art Prize organizer
Hargen Depelmann