After the presentation of the art prizes for 2022 in the Jaeschke Gallery in Braunschweig to Lisa Hoffmann (Kiel), Antonio Arias (Dusseldorf/Colombia), Aleks Polonskaja (Dusseldorf/Estonia) and the audience award winner Sophia Bornhagen (Rosche), the exhibition will start on February 1, 2023 the application phase for the ART PRIZE GERMANY 2023/2024.

From now on, academically trained artists can apply with up to five works via An independent expert jury makes the decisions in the art disciplines of painting, sculpture/object, photography/digital art. An audience award will also be chosen.

Photo: Replacement for Lisa Hoffmann (Kiel), audience award winner Sophia Bornhagen (Rosche), Antonio Arias (Düsseldorf), Aleks Polonskaja (Düsseldorf)

Kunstpreisträger 2022