After the presentation of the art prizes for 2022 in the Jaeschke Gallery in Braunschweig to Lisa Hoffmann (Kiel), Antonio Arias (Dusseldorf/Colombia), Aleks Polonskaja (Dusseldorf/Estonia) and the audience award winner Sophia Bornhagen (Rosche), the application phase for the GERMANY ART PRIZE 2023/24 runs until May 31th, 2023.

From now on, academically trained artists can apply with up to five works via An independent expert jury makes the decisions in the art disciplines of painting, sculpture/object, photography/digital art. An audience award will also be chosen.

Photo: Replacement for Lisa Hoffmann (Kiel), audience award winner Sophia Bornhagen (Rosche), Antonio Arias (Düsseldorf), Aleks Polonskaja (Düsseldorf)

Kunstpreisträger 2022

Dr. Prinz Asfa-Wossen Asserate