Current info: August 2021 / Art prize Germany 2021

The application phase ended on May 31, 2021. Around 250 academically trained artists from 39 nations applied with over 500 submitted exhibits, including over 100 young artists (up to 35 years of age).

Works by 48 artists (31 female artists / 17 masculine artists) were nominated by the jury, including five from Berlin, four each from Munich, Düsseldorf and Hannover, and three from Karlsruhe. Nine nominated artists live and work in North Rhine-Westphalia, six each in Bavaria and Lower Saxony – and five each in Baden-Württemberg and Berlin. The nominated artists come from a total of 16 nations, most of them from Germany, ahead of South Korea. The KUNSTPREIS DEUTSCHLAND can therefore be described as an international art prize.

The prizes

After the works have been delivered, an independent jury appointed by the organizer determines the following art prizes in the following three art disciplines:


Gold Award – and purchase of works
Gross value: € 5,000


Gold Award – and purchase of works
Gross value: € 5,000

Photography / Digital Art

Gold Award – and purchase of works
Gross value: € 5,000

Audience award

Gold Award


  • Delivery of the works nominated by the photo jury: 24 to 31 Aug. 2021
  • An independent jury determines the winners: until 15 Sep. 2021
  • Awarding of the Art Prize Germany 2021 / Vernissage: October 31, 2021
  • Presentation of the audience award / closing event (Finissage): November 28, 2021

Organizer: Galerie Depelmann Edition Verlag GmbH, 30855 Langenhagen (Hannover), Walsroder Str. 305
Consultant: Prof. Timm Ulrichs (Berlin / Hannover)
Jury: The jury includes Frauke Engel (art historian, Hannover), Siva Fröhlich (artist, Hamburg), Thorsten Heinze (gallery owner, Berlin), Prof. Dr. Bernd Lindner (including cultural historian and artist, Leipzig) and Dr. Holger Grimm (art historian, Hannover

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