Press release

November 4, 2021

The KUNSTPREIS DEUTSCHLAND 2021 was presented on October 31, 2021. The venue for the award of the art prizes in the disciplines of painting, sculpture, photography / digital art was the Galerie Depelmann in Langenhagen near Hannover, which has been active for over 40 years.
255 artists (158 female / 97 female artists) from 39 nations applied with 526 submitted exhibits. 134 young artists (age up to and including 35 years: 52.55%) are among the applicants. Thus, the KUNSTPREIS DEUTSCHLAND is also a competition for academically trained and ambitious young artists.
Works by 50 artists (31 artists) were nominated by the independent jury. The art prize jury consisted of the following people: Frauke Engel (art historian, Hannover), Siva Fröhlich (artist, Hamburg), Thorsten Heinze (gallery owner, Berlin), Prof. Dr. Bernd Lindner (including cultural historian, curator, artist, Leipzig), Dr. Holger Grimm (art historian, Hannover).

The expert jury awarded the three art prizes to Ivan Milenkovic (painting), Jules Andrieu (sculpture) and the artist couple Evelyn Bencicova / Enes Güc (photography / digital art). The motto of the art award is “art powers future”. Young artists up to the age of 35 (52.55% of all applicants) were exempt from the application fee for two of a maximum of three works to be submitted.

The works nominated by the jury can be seen in the Galerie Depelmann until October 28, 2021. At the finissage on November 28, 2021, an “audience award” will be awarded, which is determined by the gallery visitors. A book about the KUNSTPREIS DEUTSCHLAND 2021 with numerous details has been published.

Galerie Depelmann, Region Hannover


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