A. Procedure

Phase 1: Participation in the Germany Art Prize 2019 can be made by submitting photos of max. three artworks (pictures, sculptures, photos etc.) via an online form. From these, a jury („Photo Jury“) will select those artworks that will be shown in the Germany Art Prize exhibition.

Phase 2: After the delivery of the artworks, a jury will award the following prizes:

  1. Jury-Prize: Gold-Award
  2. Jury-Prize : Silver-Award
  3. Jury-Prize : Bronze-Award
  1. Audience Award: Gold-Medal
  2. Audience Award: Silver-Medal
  3. Audience Award: Bronze-Medal

B. Basic Information


  • Submission by upload (up to three artworks) on until 30th Sept. 2019
  • An independent photo jury nominates artworks for the final session: until 30st Nov. 2019
  • Announcement of artworks selected by the photo jury: 15st December 2019
  • Mailing of the delivery forms for nominated artworks: 30st December 2019
  • Delivery of artworks selected by the Photo Jury: 13th to 17th Jan. 2020
  • An independent jury determines the winners: until 31 st January 2020
  • Award ceremony with exhibition opening in Kassel: 29th February 2020


C.1 Organiser

The organiser of the tender and the exhibition is WILHELMSTEIN ART, Goslar

C.2 Authorisation

All artists with a completed professional education from Germany and other European countries are entitled to apply.

Up to three original applied artworks in the fields of painting, sculpture and photography, which have been produced by the sender since 2010 can be accepted. For technical reasons, artworks above 1.5×1.5 meters cannot be accepted.

There are no restrictions on the artistic form of expression. However, in the interest of the intrinsic value of the exhibition, the following cannot be exhibited:

  • Fake artworks
  • Extensively restored or damaged artworks
  • Unlimited and non-numbered multiples
  • Non-self-made artworks (exception: designated joint artworks)
  • Artworks where the exhibitor does not have the (co-) copyright or right of use
  • Representations which contradict the law of the Federal Republic of Germany in word and / or image

C.3 Application (Photo-Jury)

The application is submitted by submitting the artworks in digital form via the website of the organiser by completing the input fields and uploading the artwork photos as a JPG. The image file should be max. 5 MB and not less than 300 KB. The image files must be clearly assigned. Therefore, please note that the file name is as follows: surname, first name, artwork description/title.jpg. The images of up to three artworks in digital format can be uploaded.

Information about artworks and person should be made in the fully completed „Application Photo- Jury“.

Registration deadline for submitting artworks to the „Photo Jury“ is 30th September 2019.

C.4 Fees

Each artist will be charged a participation and processing fee of 50,00 € (artists up to 35 years: 0,00 €) for the first work. Who wants to submit more than one work pays for that second work 35,00 € and possibly for the third work 20,00 € handling fees. The fee is up to transfer the account of the organizer. The bank account is:

  • Name of the bank: Kreissparkasse Walsrode (KSK Walsrode)
  • IBAN: DE71 2515 2375 0001 0950 90 | BIC:NOLADE21WAL
  • As purpose of transfer, please state processing fee (Bearbeitungsgebühr). For beneficiary (payee) please state Kunstpreis Deutschland 2019.


All registered artists will be listed in alphabetical order under the category „Artists“ on the website

C.6 Jury-Entscheide und Preise

a) Photo-Jury
From the artworks submitted online (until September 30st 2019), the external photo-jury nominated by the organizer will select artworks by November 30st 2019, which will be presented at the Art Prize exhibition.

Artists whose artworks have been nominated by the photo jury will receive a notification until 15th December and a delivery form by e-mail from the organizer until 30th December 2019.

b) Final Prize Jury
A jury appointed by the organizer will select three of the artworks accepted for the Germany Art Prize 2019 and delivered from 13th to 17th January 2020. These are endowed with awards of gold, silver and bronze, which will be presented at the art awards ceremony.

Artists are not entitled to oppose the decisions of the jury. The jury will not justify the non-awarding of artworks. Jury members are obliged to silence. The criterion for judging is exclusively the artistic merit of the individual artworks. To this end, the organiser before submitting the consignments to the jury will, as far as possible, render them anonymous.

Each consignor (artist) is subject to the decisions of the jury and to these exhibition conditions. The exhibitor is not entitled to oppose these decisions. All accepted artworks remain at the disposal of the organiser during the exhibition period. The hanging of the pictures and the placing of the sculptures is carried out by a committee to the exclusion of the public and the submitting artist.

c) Audience Awards
The audience awards (medals of gold, silver, bronze) will be awarded after the jury prizes have been awarded.

C.7 Submission and marking of artworks

The artworks selected by the Photo Jury are to be delivered from 13th to 17th January 2020, between 9 am and 5 pm, at WILHELMSTEIN ART, 38644 Goslar, Okertal 24, personally or by post, freight service – at the expense and risk of the sender. Delays in delivery or arrival will not be taken into account.

A delivery form, filled-in completely (with the artist’s name and details of the artworks) must be attached to each artwork, a loose duplicate of the form must be handed in at the time of delivery. Artists whose artworks have been nominated by the photo jury will receive a delivery form by e-mail from the organizer until 30th December 2019.

A short biography (max. 1/2 DIN A4 page) related to artistic career is also to be enclosed, as well as a description of the submitted artworks – and as well as a naming of the chosen art discipline.

C.8 Award ceremony

The presentation of the Germany Art Prize takes place in a festive setting and is filmed. The press is informed nationwide.

C.9 Collection of artworks after the close of the exhibition

The exhibited artworks can be collected at own expense and at own risk the day after the award of the prize (29th February), on 1st March 2020. Liability of the organizer is excluded.

After the award ceremony, the organizer plans a touring exhibition. Artists who wish to participate in this exhibition are not required to collect their artworks on 29th September 2019.



If an artwork has been included in the Art Award exhibition, it cannot be withdrawn by the exhibitor (artist) before the end of the exhibition. Artworks sold during the exhibition are to be left in place until its end. When selling, the organizer receives a fee of 35 % of the selling price.

D.2 Condition and configuration of the artworks:

The artworks are to be provided with a completely filled in descriptive label. The artworks must be dry and fault free for hanging. Multi-part artworks are to be handed over for hanging as a unit.

Pictures must be provided with a stable suspension device (with frame and eyelets). Artworks which do not have a hanging device can be subsequently rejected by the hanging committee.

For sculptures or objects which are not to be placed on the floor, the required bases or platforms are to be supplied by the artist.

No liability is accepted for glassware and damage to artworks by glass splinters.

In exceptional cases and in case of legal doubts, the hanging committee reserves the right to reject artworks.

D.3 Prices for pictures

The prices for pictures are inclusive of frames. The selling prices for pictures are inclusive of frames (as well as 35% selling fee).

D.4 Sale of artworks

Each exhibitor declares his/her agreement and gives his/her implicit remit, that his/her accepted artwork (or artworks) can be sold to interested parties at the price stated by him/her.

Each exhibitor shall indicate the value of the artworks with the application. After submission of the artworks the exhibitor is not entitled to change the purchase price.


The organizer of the art prize is entitled to reproduce the artworks accepted for the exhibition free of charge in online and print documentation as well as for press and PR-work. A flyer or catalogue may also be printed. Any form of copying, reproducing and processing of photographs of exhibited artworks for other purposes and by non-authorised third parties is prohibited.


The deadlines set out in the terms of application for the submission / dispatch and collection of the artworks are fixed. The artist undertakes to observe these deadlines.


The artworks accepted for the exhibition are insured during the exhibition period.


Place of fulfillment for all obligations with regard to the „Art prize exhibition“ and the following touring exhibition and the sale of exhibited artworks is Walsrode.


By submitting his / her application and making available (online) photos of artworks for the „Germany Art Prize“ and subsequent touring exhibition, the signatory declares unconditional acceptance of all the above conditions.

For the correctness of the named dates no liability can be taken over. The dates can be postponed by the organizer for an important reason. In principle, we recommend checking the dates mentioned here with the organizer for up-to-dateness.

Art Germany Prize 2019

Contact: bzw. Tel. (04240) 8111
Organizer:, 27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Pohlkamp 1
Patron of the Germany Art Prize 2019: Wilhelm von Boddien (Hamburg)